Mixture of Elegance & Professionalism

While symbolizing purity, peace and perfection, white and natural colors is the sign of elegance sleek and professionalism. Throughout history, wearing white has become a symbol of sisterhood and solidarity, reflecting the progress made by those who fought for women’s suffrage in the decades before them, thus a woman in a suit today is a representation of independence and power. And as spring and summer 2022 arrives, white suiting has once again made its way into the fashion industry to become trendy for this season. Today we give you the choice to style your own white suits by deciding on your choice of bottoms and tops. We offer you a collection of classy white pants from P.A.R.O.S.H., Givenchy, D&G, Alberta Ferretti, K+K…etc., made from different yet finest kinds of fabric of your choice, to style with your choice of white blazers or classy tops from D&G, BALMAN, ELISABETTA FRANCHI, or K+K for a stylish elegant look.

This Season's Must Haves

With the arrival of spring and summer 2022, the combination of classic and bold accessories has become trendy for this season. From wide waste belts, to green, havan and pink bags, sunglasses, and scarves; these are the latest accessory trends spotted at spring/summer fashion weeks. We give you the choice to pick your accessories from our unique collection of top brands for this season; a variety of wide belts from Isabel Benenato, D&G, Etro…etc. could be styles perfectly with long blazers, cardigans, sweaters, or body skimming dresses. As for colors, this season is all about bright pops of pink and green colors when it comes to accessories, weather its bags, scarves or sunglasses. Choose from our collection of stylish bags, from Chloe' ,Tommy Hilfiger, Nanushka, Bprime, La Carrie…etc., sunglasses from Gucci, K+K, Cartier…etc. Finish your look with a scarf around the neck to be even more on trend this hot season, as we offer you the best scarves in different shades of purple and green from Faliero Sarti.

For Your Inner Diva

Black and gold colors often symbolize prestige and luxury and communicate elegance, elite and idealism, reflecting the vibe of power through people wearing them. This is one of the reasons why luxurious brands like Versace, use gold and black for their brand identity, to associate it with royalty and refinement. This spring and summer season, Chunky gold chains have returned into the fashion industry to be among the top 2022 jewelry trends. Moreover, black is a universal color that can be paired with almost every shade; thus, it is always on trend. This classic black dress from Versace with a chunky golden chain around the neck, reflects power and class, since the combination of these two colors together express elegance, due to the strong contrast between black and gold. We give you the choice to style this trendy dress with your choice of black and gold pumps from Versace, for a formal look, or with heeled sandals for a casual look.





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